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Direct evidence in the Southeast is meager, but archaeological discoveries in related areas support this hypothesis. Moundbuilding cultures included the Woodland period people who first built Nanih Waiya.

Scholars believe the mound was contemporary with such earthworks as Igomar Mound in Mississippi and Pinson Mounds in Tennessee.

Based on dating of surface artifacts, the Nanih Waiya mound was likely constructed and first occupied by indigenous peoples about 0–300 CE, in the Middle Woodland period.

The original site was bounded on three sides by an earthwork circular enclosure, about ten feet high and encompassing a square mile.

The American Indian Policy Review Commission Final Report Volume I, Chapter 11, Page 468 on May 19, 1977 federally acknowledged/recognized the existence of the Choctaw Communities of Mobile and Washington Counties which are along the Tombigbee and Mobile Rivers where Choctaw Treaties were negotiated in various Choctaw Treaties.

The Choctaw in Oklahoma struggled to build a nation.

From that period, the US appointed chiefs of the Choctaw and other tribes in the former Indian Territory.

During World War I, Choctaw soldiers served in the U. military as the first Native American codetalkers, using the Choctaw language.

In the 19th century, the Choctaw were classified by European Americans as one of the "Five Civilized Tribes" because they adopted numerous practices of their United States neighbors.The Choctaw are the third-largest federally recognized tribe.

He supports and defends the accused and oppressed; he maintains the cause of the poor and friendless; he succours those that are ready to perish; he counsels the ignorant, he guides and saves those who are wandering and out of the way, and, when “he has run his course and sleeps in blessings,” his bones “have a tomb of orphans’ tears wept on them.” How much untold good is done by an honest, wise, and generous man, in the full practice of this profession, which even those to whom he has consecrated his time and thoughts without the hope of adequate compensation never appreciate!… continue reading »

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Even taller are Mawson Peak (at 2,745 metres or 9,006 feet), on the remote Australian territory of Heard Island, and, in the Australian Antarctic Territory, Mount Mc Clintock and Mount Menzies, at 3,492 metres (11,457 ft) and 3,355 metres (11,007 ft) respectively.… continue reading »

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We have taken several steps and worked around the clock to provide the best possible playing experience with a few unique features to improve your gaming experience.… continue reading »

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