Burnt out on online dating

19-Aug-2016 00:00

When you feel like you’re working as hard as you can but you're getting nowhere, feeling frustrated, pessimistic and exhausted are only natural.

This happens in our personal lives and our romantic relationships too.

You want to fly into a rage and start screaming whenever you see a happy couple, a wedding ad, or a text rejecting you. Love sucks because it’s some sort of weird, rare thing that we’re told will happen to us within a certain timeframe, and it doesn’t always happen. You’re at the point where you’d knowingly go into an emotionally abusive relationship just to be with someone.

I personally know this feeling, so trust me, you’re not alone. Yes, this can happen to people out there and I’ve personally witnessed it happening.

Be upfront with any potential partners If you’re not ready to jump in to another relationship, you’re not ready.

Even if someone great comes along, there’s a good chance it won’t turn into lasting love if you’re still in the throes of relationship burnout.

If you can only remember the fights you had with your former partner and not much else, the negative energy of the breakup is still very much with you.5.

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This type of disillusionment about love in general is an unfortunate consequence of relationship burnout.Have fun and meet people, but be upfront about not looking for anything serious.3.Give yourself permission not to be interested Many newly single people feel great internal and (often) external pressure to “get back out there.” But if you’re genuinely not interested in being in a relationship, give yourself permission to be alone.You don't find it fun to look for someone new Most people find actively seeking dates (such as online dating) stressful, but what about meeting a potential person organically?

What if you meet someone you’d normally be interested in through work or through a friend?Relationships that are on the decline can become as demanding and taxing as a full-time job.

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