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Pancho López and his family come up against financial difficulties: he has pledged his house as collateral for a loan that he ends up finding impossible to repay.Enzo Rinaldi (Pedro Moreno) plots to throw the López and their friends away.

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Pepe López (Pablo Lyle), Pancho's eldest son, is a very courageous and adventurous young man.The attractive and clever Rebeca Treviño (Mayrín Villanueva) takes Pancho under her wing and helps him acclimate to the challenges of the business world.She helps him bridge socio-economic divides, teaching him the etiquette demanded from his new position and how to make decisions in the financial sphere.In turn, Vicente takes a great interest in Candela and the couple engages in a dramatic love affair and end up marrying each other.

The two families experience amusing situations when Ana, who disdains flippancy, falls in love with the irreverent Freddy.She has a small dog that she keeps with her at all times named Abeja (Bee).

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