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Affairs are shadows that lurk and haunt long after they are over.Healing is the hardest part because you’re forced to confront your fucked up self.I’ve been reluctant to post new material about cheating and affairs.I worry people will think, “Is dude still going on about this shit?Norman Doidge, psychiatrist and author of the acclaimed book, , studied porn addicts.He stated, They reported increasing difficulty in being turned on by their actual sexual partners, spouses, or girlfriends, though they still considered them objectively attractive.When I asked if this phenomenon had any relationship to viewing pornography, they answered that it initially helped them get more excited during sex but over time had the opposite effect.

At the height of his addiction, nothing, not even the risk of losing his job or his marriage, is enough to stop him.

This explains how a politician or celebrity can make such risky, career-destroying moves without stopping to consider the consequences.

For example, in the very first chapter of the Book of Mormon, verse 2, Nephi makes the startling announcement that although he and his family were Jews, he was not going to make his record in the Hebrew language, but rather in "the language of the Egyptians." Moreover, Nephi also claimed that a man named Laban, who lived in Jerusalem, already had a copy of the Old Testament written in Egyptian on Plates of Brass.… continue reading »

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