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Soon the sufferer, entirely naked, was bound to it with cords (Plin., "Hist.Nat.", XXVIII, iv; Auson., "Id.", VI, 60; Lucan, VI, 543, 547), indicated in Latin by the expressions .

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De Mortillet is of opinion that such use of the sign was not merely ornamental, but rather a symbol of consecration, especially in the case of objects pertaining to burial.

The Buddhist inscriptions carved in certain caves of Western India are usually preceded or closed by this sacred sign (Thomas Edward, "The Indian Swastika", 1880; Philip Greg, "On the Meaning and Origin of the Fylfot and Swastika"). ) of the ancient Egyptians, wrongly called the "ansated key of the Nile".

The celebrated excavations of Schliemann at Hissarlik on the site of ancient Troy brought to light numerous examples of the swastika: on spindle-racks, on a cube, sometimes attached to an animal, and even cut upon the womb of a female idol, a detail also noticeable on a small statue of the goddess Athis. For its presence on Galatian and Bithynian monuments, see Guillaume and Perrot, "Exploration archéologique de la Galatie et de la Bithynie", Atlas, Pl. We find it also on the coins of Lycia and of Gaza in Palestine. II, 178-179) This sign is also found in Pompeian mosaics, on Italo-Grecian vases, on coins of Syracuse in Sicily (Raoul-Rochette, "Mém. It often appears as a symbolic sign in the hands of the goddess Sekhet.

He was then, as Plautus tells us, fastened with four nails to the wood of the cross ("Lact.", IV, 13; Senec., "Vita beat.", 19; Tert., "Adv.

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Jud.", x; Justus Lipsius "De Cruce", II, vii; xli-ii).At successive periods this was modified, becoming curved at the extremities, or adding to them more complex lines or ornamental points, which latter also meet at the central intersection. Milan, I, 141, sqq.), and in a Greek votive inscription at Porto.

It is important to note that according to the Book of Mormon, Nephi came to the New World not long after 600 B. On page 611 of that dictionary we read that 2 Maccabees "is inferior to that book [i.e., 1 Maccabees] both in simplicity and in accuracy because legends are introduced with great freedom." In the Apocrypha the word "Nephi" appears at the end of a legend regarding a mysterious "thick water" that miraculously produced fire.… continue reading »

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La collezione di stivali estivi gioca con dettagli open-cut e lavorazioni a taglio laser per offrirti soluzioni dal fit confortevole e dal look brioso.… continue reading »

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