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24-Dec-2016 23:33

The scientific research standards as one of the principal criteria for student " s evaluation is of a great value.Its importance starts by the first steps of the research, so by choosing a topic, exploring in the proper research field, reading as much from the same topic, then writing about the topic with an original idea.So the approaches and methods used in doing a scientific research, the application of its standards lead to a great evaluation.Scientific research is a systematic process that focuses on being objective and in gathering information for analysis so that the researcher can come to a conclusion.Knowing and applying scientific research standards at University is useful and a necessity." The first advice that can be given to learn how to write, is to read as much as we can in the field we want to search, especially from the well known writers of that field.Their communication with the school and teachers plays an important role in the pupils' academic achievement in school, pupils' motivation and interest in learning.

It is defined as "theoretical-practical" in what it aims "to know" than "to solve" the meaning of the language: in short, it participates in both theoretical and practical dimensions.In this paper we will represent the scientific research standards as one of the principal criteria for student " s evaluation.Scientific research as an original presentation of a course task or dissertations at university requires being effectively based on standards, which show the quality of the written work. Irida HOTI, Professor at Shkodra University, Albania, is a professional with 20 years of experience in language teaching and a researcher in Applied Linguistics, Academic Writing and Didactic.

She has a Doctorate Diploma (2012) in Linguistics, Tirana University, Albania.

Glotodidactic techniques sustain the understanding and usage of language.