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Many thanks to Ivan and Aleksandar Szabo for kind help.How the original Wappenturm of King Maximilain I looked like.Anž Frankopan (in Sweden known as Johan Franke or Johan Vale). Croatian Coat of Arms on a talir by Ludovicus II, king of Hvngarie, Dalmacia, Croacia (see on the left), from 1525.The central part of Kristiernsson’s seal corresponds to the traditional chequered Croatian coat of arms, known since the eleventh century. Croatian coat of arms on the right-most column, third from the bottom. Source of the photo Vjekoslav Klaić, Two clearly visible Croatian Coats of Arms of Croatian troups at the 1526 battle at the Mohac field (Hungary) against the Turks (the second flag in the left column and the fourth flag in the right column).

We have never imagined dating online could be this great and lead to a long-lasting relationship.By the courtesy of Josip Sersic and Mijo Juric, Vienna, 2009. Zvonko Bencic) Dalmatie and Croacie on the top, from a bell in Schwaz near Innsbruck, Austria, 1503 In the church of Sainte-Waudru in Monsu, Belgium, there is a Croatian Coat of Arms dating from 1511, see [Claus] Croatian coats of arms (Dalmatien, Croatien) drawn by Albercht Drer (1427-1528), kept in Albertina (a famous graphic art collection) in Vienna Since his election in 1519 Charles V predominantly used the following title in official documents: "Carl der fnffte, von Gottes Gnaden Rmischer Kayser, zu allen Zeiten Mehrer des Reichs, Knig in Germanien, zu Castilien, Aragon, Leon, beyder Sicilien, Hierusalem, Hungarn, Dalmatien, Croatien, Navarra, Granaten, Tolleten, Valentz, Gallicien, Majorca, Hispalis, Sardinien, Corduba, Corsica, Murcien, Giennis, Algarbien, Algeziren, Gibraltar, der Canarischen und Indianischen Insulen und der Terrae firmae des Oceanischen Meeres etc, Ertz-Hertzog zu Oesterreich, Hertzog zu Burgundi, zu Lotterich, zu Braband, zu Steyer, zu Kerndten, zu Krain, zu Limburg, zu Ltzenburg, zu Geldern, zu Calabrien, zu Athen, zu Neopatrien und Wrtenberg etc." Kingdom of Croatia (Austrian-Hungarian Imperial civic heraldry) photo from nl/int/oos/ooshong/The artist Hans Burgkmair (1473-1531) included Croatian and Dalmatian coats of arms in his painting of King (Ludovik I) Louis (1516-1526) and in his genealogy of the Habsburgs.From the bell in Schwaz near Innsbruck, 1503, diameter 189 cm, weight 4.2 tons, 60 coats of arms in three lines Dalmatian and Croatian coats of arms occupy the first two places in the first line (! A glass by King Maximilian II (1527-1576), a part of "Frauenpreissgarnitur", with Croatian Coat of Arms, kept within the permanent exhibition in the Neue Hoffburg Royal Palace in Vienna.We recommend you give this site a go — even if you don't find your soulmate, you will have a great deal of fun here!

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