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Now I knew Chiang Mai Zoo wasn’t going to be as impressive as Singapore Zoo, but the main reason I chose to visit the zoo is to see a rare animal I rank among my favourites in the animal kingdom — the giant panda! But the entrance fees to the zoo are broken up by the individual attractions the place has to offer. Also on the way out, I couldn’t help but buy a small souvenir from Chiang Mai zoo.

The zoo fee costs just ฿100, but it does not include the chance to see the pandas. Also, if you want avail the open air bus, that’s ฿20. They were selling stuffed toys of the zoo’s main stars, the pandas. All in all, I must have spent nearly 4 hours in Chiang Mai zoo. I mostly came to see the pandas and ended up seeing pretty much everything the zoo had to showcase. Well, Singapore Zoo didn’t have pandas (they only get them in 2012), and even koalas, when I visited back in September. At half the price of Singapore Zoo, you still see a lot of animals.

The fact that I had to split my last day in Chiang Mai into two posts is proof that this was a long day for me.

I was quite tired, still feeling a bit feverish, but through it all — I was more than content with the photographs!

and leaving Bangkok Previous posts in this series: Thailand 2010: Chiang Mai Zoo (Day 4, Part 1) Thailand 2010: Chiang Mai Loi Krathong celebrations; first Grand Parade Thailand 2010: Chiang Mai cooking class; Loi Krathong celebrations in Mae Jo, Sansai Thailand 2010: First day in Chiang Mai for Loi Krathong; driving up Doi Suthep Thailand 2010: Arriving in Bangkok and preparing for Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai Date: 22nd November 2010 Yesterday evening was nice.

Today was the last day of Loy Krathong, and I’m guessing tonight’s events were going to be a ‘grand finale’ to the festival.

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I woke up for a late breakfast, which I had at The one downside (sometimes) of carrying around a pro-looking camera is people assume you know how to take really good photographs and will do a better job than they can. When the locals pray and release the krathongs, they often place some money as an offering to the river goddess. The DSC-F1 is packed with features, including a rechargeable battery, LCD screen, built-in flash and more. Eight essential utilities clean you up to speed you up. (800) 732-8881 or visit your favorite reseller listed below. It’s easy, it’s fun, and, most important, it’s impressive.