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Skip Prichard (right) has been named the next president and CEO of OCLC effective July 1, the firm announced May 16.He will succeed Jay Jordan, who will retire on June 30 after 15 years at the helm of OCLC.

Written for librarians, library staff, and administrators at libraries serving populations of 15,000 or less, published by ALA Editions, shows how YA lit now includes the wide range of our increasingly diverse society. All over the globe, the dead are returning to their families, causing massive confusion and a pervasive anxiety that countries will run out of room and the resources to care for the enlarging population....Learn about the trends, model practices, and opportunities for professional involvement during two morning programs, attend an author lunch and book signing featuring Lauren Myracle and Audrey Niffenegger, and explore some of the latest vehicles during the Parade of Bookmobiles.Tickets to the lunch must be purchased online by June 14....Edited by Jamie Campbell Naidoo and Sarah Park Dahlen, this volume offers chapters on the representations of culture groups that are often ignored in examinations of diverse youth literature, while examining more common groups through a new lens or perspective.... Farmer offers librarians in or outside a school environment all the information they need to build a library literacy program geared towards these children.... (Ace), by Jack Mc Devitt and Mike Resnick, in which the two SF powerhouses team up in a near-future thriller that touches on one of the great conspiracy theories of our time: that NASA is keeping secrets about the Apollo program....

published by ALA Editions, introduces what autism spectrum disorders are and identifies the great need to build and manage programs for autistic youth. Speculative fictions—fantasy, science fiction, and horror—are often described first as escapism, a way to run away from this world on an armchair voyage through fantastic landscapes or the reaches of space.

카페인에 의해 나타나는 신체적인 작용이외에도 사람에게 휴식 주거나, 대화 할 계기를 만들어주거나, 마음을 위로하는 그런 감성적인 부분들이 있어서도요.