Samoan dating customs

26-May-2016 01:03

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Churches, pastors' homes, meeting houses and guest houses, and women's committee meeting houses also occupy prominent positions around the malae.

All Samoans adhere to a set of core social values and practices known as fa'a Samoa and speak the Samoan language. The largest islands are Savai'i at 703 square miles (1820 square kilometers) and Upolu at 430 square miles (1114 square kilometers), on which the capital, Apia, is located.

That process produced a unique constitution that embodied elements of Samoan and British political traditions and led to a peaceful transition to independence on 1 January 1962. The national and political cultures that characterize the nation are unambiguously Samoan.

This is in large part a consequence of a constitutional provision that limited both suffrage and political representation to those who held chiefly titles and are widely regarded as protectors of culture and tradition.

It has a chiefly or polite variant used in elite communication and a colloquial form used in daily communication.

Samoan is the language of instruction in elementary schools and is used alongside English in secondary and tertiary education, government, commerce, religion, and the broadcast media.The language is a cherished symbol of cultural identity. A representation of the Southern Cross appears on both the national flag and the emblem of state.

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