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Pat would have to see that Cindy won more over the next few rounds.

The show went to commercial break and Pat added the special new space to the wheel, marked with the word “Trip” modified to read “Strip”.

This is one of a series of decorative pictures of beautiful and sensual women, which Rossetti produced in the mid 1860s.

The model is Alexa Wilding, who sat for some of Rossetti's best-known works, including La Ghirlandata (1873, Guildhall Art Gallery, Corporation of London) and The Blessed Damozel (1875-8, Fogg Museum of Art, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts).

He contacted a producer from “TV’s Practical Jokes” and told him he wanted to play a prank on his longtime friend and co-host. The scenario would set up a situation where Vanna would be asked to strip in the middle of the show.

He assured the producers that no nudity would be involved, that he was just interested in seeing Vanna’s reaction when asked to strip on TV.

Rossetti originally called the picture Venus Veneta, and intended it to represent 'a Venetian lady in a rich dress of white and gold, - in short the Venetian ideal of female beauty' (quoted in a letter dated 27 September 1866, Doughty & Wahl, II, p.606).

So he hatched a scheme to get her into the sack – it was crazy, it was outlandish – but who knows, it could work.

He then went to see Vanna in her dressing room to set up the rest of the scenario.

He knocked and she came to the door, already in the gown she’d be wearing for the show. ” He entered the dressing room, and sat in one of the director’s chairs by her make-up mirror.

Virginia Surtees, The Paintings and Drawings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882): A Catalogue Raisonné, 2 vols., Oxford 1971, p.111, no.191, reproduced pl.281.

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Frances Fowle December 2000 Rossetti chose the title (suggesting a vain woman) after the picture was completed.

Tonight’s contestants were Madge, a housewife from Minneapolis, Jason, a lawyer from Boston, and Cindy, a young, attractive teacher from the L. “You little slut,” Pat thought to himself, “tonight your sweet ass is mine…” The show began and Pat and Vanna walked out on stage, then Vanna did her little walk over to the letter board.